Eco Giga-Web-Warehouse

NAV Warehouse Management - Standard Features

Using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Warehouse Management module, the movement and storage of materials within the warehouse can be easily managed, and the arrival, storage, and delivery of goods can be organized with maximum efficiency. The warehouse area can be optimally utilized, and it is always precisely known what is stored where. It fully integrates warehouse management operations with the company’s other activities. The main advantages of its use are: 

  • acceleration of the order management process, better customer service; 
  • warehouse operations can be rationalized based on transparent and accurate inventory data; 
  • optimization of warehouse operations and space utilization; 
  • efficient, directed warehouse processes reduce costs. 

ECO GigaWarehouse - Additional Features

Blind Checking Upon Receipt, Handling Quantity Discrepancies

Raktári bevételezéskor kézi mobileszközzel történő vonalkódos leolvasással történik az un. vak ellenőrzés, az ellenőrzött mennyiség eltárolásra kerül. Amennyiben eltérés van az ellenőrzött mennyiség és a várt beérkezés mennyisége között, akkor színkiemeléssel jelezi a rendszer az eltérést a felhasználónak, hogy beavatkozás szükséges a beszerzési rendelésen. Ha az ellenőrzött mennyiség több, mint a várt beérkezendő mennyiség, akkor a bizonylat feldolgozás során egy figyelmeztető üzenet jelenik meg, ami a beszerzési rendelésen egy új sor létrehozásának szükségességét jelzi. 

Assigning Multiple Warehouse Workers (Receiving Group) to a Receipt

During the receipt of large quantities of items, it is possible to have the checking performed not by a single warehouse worker but by a group designated for this purpose. This way, the warehouse receiving task can be completed more quickly.

Handling Unexpected Items in Quarantine

In cases where more of a product arrives than ordered, or an unordered product arrives, there is the option to place these items into quarantine. Depending on the decision made, items in quarantine can be transferred to a purchase order or a return delivery note.

Special Features in the Storage Process (Labeling, Assortment, Package Damage)

The system supports the relabeling operation of incoming products and maintains a record in a separate storage area until the operation is completed, as well as handling damaged packages.

The system also supports the sorting of incoming products, receipt by variant, and keeps a record in a separate storage area until the operation is completed (this is necessary when the supplier manages all variants of an item under one item number).

Application of Sophisticated Storage and Retrieval Logic

Application of storage logic tailored to the specific needs of the company, which creates appropriate storage suggestions for commissioning spaces and high storage areas for efficient storage purposes. The retrieval logic compiles practically assembled pick lists, taking into account the traversal paths of the warehouse locations.

Assigning Multiple Warehouse Workers (Storage Group) to a Storage Task

The storage task for large quantities of incoming goods can be assigned not just to one warehouse worker, but to a storage group specifically defined for this purpose. This allows the storage task to be completed more quickly.

Intelligent Order Tracking and Delivery Channels in Retail (B2C) Processes

Orders can be categorized into so-called delivery channels, each with its own characteristics (e.g., type of package label, checkpoint). The order tracking breaks down the orders according to the delivery channels, showing the consolidated status information of the orders (e.g., pickable, not pickable, in process, completed). From the consolidated data, it’s possible to drill down to view the details.

Support for Wave Picking

It is possible to manually or automatically consolidate orders with small quantities into a single picking task (wave picking). This way, a warehouse worker can efficiently complete orders that have been consolidated into a picking wave.

Two-Level Picking Verification

A checker can be assigned to picking, who performs the verification using barcode scanning. If there is a discrepancy between the picked and verified quantities, a second round of verification is conducted by a so-called Supervisor checker on the products where discrepancies were found.

Flexible Management of Picking Discrepancies

After a picking discrepancy is identified, it’s possible to initiate a so-called faulting process, as part of which the faulted product is moved to a separate storage area and automatic internal communication starts towards sales.

Parcel Preparation for Postal and Courier Services

Unique package labels are printed for each delivery channel, an electronic consignment note is prepared for the postal and courier services, and the package is sent to the appropriate delivery point.

Special Features in the Picking Process

Orders requiring special attention – such as express orders, orders containing oversized or problematic items – are provided with special handling.

Automatic Internal Messages Between Warehouse and Sales

The warehouse system frequently communicates internally with the sales department. Status interfaces ensure that sales can always correctly see the current (warehouse) status of an order, or for example, if a discrepancy between the picked quantity and the sales order quantity is discovered during post-picking verification, then sales are informed about it.

Barcode Identification of Products, Warehouse Locations, and Packages

For clear and error-free identification, products, warehouse locations, and packages are given unique barcodes, by which a mobile handheld device identifies them through barcode scanning.

Warehouse Location Optimization, Commissioning Space Restocking

Warehouse Location Optimization: The system makes suggestions on how to consolidate the stocks of low-utilization storage locations into a single location to optimize utilization.

Commissioning Space Restocking: The system makes suggestions to ensure the commissioning spaces are restocked in a timely manner.

Use of Mobile Handheld Devices in Warehouse Processes

Warehouse tasks – such as storage, picking, moving, and inventory – can be performed with a handheld mobile device, which ensures paperless operations and clear, barcode-based identifications during activities.

Management of Warehouse Workers According to Their Roles

Setting the roles of warehouse workers and considering these roles in warehouse processes. For example, setting the ‘oversized’ attribute can control who is authorized to pick oversized items.

Periodic Inventory with Two-Round Verification

The accurate inventory is conducted in parallel by two independent inventory groups. The inventory results of the two groups are handled separately, and any discrepancies are reviewed by a so-called Supervisor inventory checker.

Management of Customer Consignment Inventory

Recording the inventory of items placed in the customer consignment warehouse and the simple settlement of consumption with the partner.

Management of Supplier Consignment Inventory

Managing supplier consignment arrivals and sales derived from them. Keeping records of the turnover of supplier consignment items, supporting periodic settlements with the supplier.

Product Turnover Calculation and ABC Analysis

Products can be categorized into turnover classes, which values can be automatically maintained using the turnover calculation function. ABC analysis can also be requested for the products.

Optimal Solution for Warehouse Management Tasks in Navision

Who do we recommend it for?
- For businesses involved in trade (traditional, webshop, or a mix of both)
- For companies engaged in manufacturing or servicing

When is it worth considering the implementation of ECO GIGA-WEB-warehouse? If:
 - There is high daily inbound and outbound goods traffic
 - You have a warehouse with large storage capacity but still struggle with space shortages
 - The operation of the warehouse hinders the daily processes You want a controlled, personnel-independent warehouse operation

General Advantages

Quick Implementation
The ECO GIGA-WEB-warehouse can be implemented and ready for use within a few weeks.
Return on Investment
The investment pays off within one year.
Measurable Performances, Up-to-Date Managerial Information
Leaders of the business can easily obtain data about the efficiency and completion of tasks.
Integrated, Native Solution
The ECO GIGA-WEB-warehouse directly connects to the Dynamics NAV system. Data comes from Dynamics NAV and is updated in real-time. The configuration interface is also directly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Future-Proof Solution
The Dynamics NAV ERP system and the collaborating ECO GIGA-WEB-warehouse, with continuous development, can meet new challenges effectively.

Optimized Processes and Increased Efficiency in Operation

Faster Service
From the receipt of the order to delivery, the lead time can be significantly reduced, requiring less travel for employees to complete tasks.
Cost Reduction
Shorter lead times result in savings, allowing the warehouse to fulfill more orders in less time.
Revenue Increase
Faster and more accurate service leads to greater customer satisfaction and, consequently, increased revenue.
More Efficient Space Utilization
Thanks to optimized processes, the number of products stored in the warehouse can be increased, with traceability ensured.
Reduction in Search Time
Essential data is accessible at any place and time, anywhere in the warehouse or site.

Reduced Dependency on Human Resources
Each warehouse employee performs tasks in a directed manner, according to their role. The prior training of the employees does not affect either the training time or the efficiency of work performance.
Accurate Inventory Data
Immediate and controlled accounting ensures that logical and physical inventory data always match.
Error-Free Operation
Using mobile devices equipped with barcode scanners, most data entry errors can be eliminated.
Fewer Complaints
Well-placed checks in the warehouse minimize service errors. Errors are identified and can be quickly rectified either upon receipt or before packaging.

A Solution Tailored to Your Business

The software is flexibly customizable, parameterizable, and can be adapted to specific needs, and even further expanded.

During the implementation of the ECO GIGA-WEB-warehouse software in your warehouse, we personally assist on-site to ensure a smooth start. Following the implementation, we continue to support our partners: we provide a support group with direct access and short response times, thus ensuring smooth and continuous operations.

Supplementary Non-Warehouse Management Functions of ECO GigaWarehouse

ECO GigaWarehouse – Additional Non-Warehouse Management Features

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) software communicates with the Admin-named web store software through interfaces;
  • Reservation of inventory and planned arrivals for B2C and B2B customers;
  • B2C and B2B saleable inventory;
  • Reading financial reports of courier services;
  • Reading of credit card settlements;
  • Package label creation;
  • Creation of electronic consignment notes;
  • Order tracking dashboard;
  • Automatic accounting of sales delivery notes upon warehouse picking closure;
  • Automatic creation of invoices based on sales delivery notes;

Communication between Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Software and the Admin Web Store

  • Receiving B2B customers from the web store into various delivery channels
  • Transferring modified data of B2B customers into the web store
  • Transferring suppliers into the web store
  • Transferring items into the web store
  • Transferring and receiving modified data of items into/from the web store
  • Transferring B2C and B2B saleable inventory of items into the web store
  • Transferring inventory layers of items into the web store
  • Transferring item categories into the web store
  • Transferring B2B sale prices into the web store
  • Receiving sales orders and order modifications from the web store
    • MPL courier (standard package and large package)
    • MPL postal point
    • MPL Romania
    • Sprinter Pick Pack Pont 
    • Royal courier service
    • SameDay courier service (standard package and large package)
    • Personal pickup
    • Personal SOS pickup
  • Receiving sales return orders from the web store
  • Transferring various states of orders into the web store
  • Transferring billing, credit information into the web store
  • Transferring settlement information of invoices into the web store

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