R&D Activities

Ecobit Ltd was founded in 1992 by Hungarian private individuals. Since its inception, the company has been engaged in research, development, and education activities. In its founding years, we carried out development work for the then-emerging Magyar Suzuki car factory. For several years, Suzuki – Esztergom used Ecobit Ltd’s software for its operations. Later, we performed development work for Panasonic Hungary, Triumph Hungary, and Minolta Hungary.

Following the company’s strengthening, we established a collaboration with the Budapest University of Technology for the further development of research and development work. As a result, with the launch of Microsoft .NET 1.0, we initiated a significant Research and Development project with the Budapest University of Technology, under the name TALANTUM project. After several years of work, we created one of the company’s key products, a three-tier, C# language-written, SQL-based, integrated enterprise management system. The product was world-class in terms of architecture, programming, and other professional aspects. At the time of .NET 1.0’s launch, Microsoft presented it as the first major reference to the domestic professional audience.

For further company development, we established a partnership with Microsoft Hungary in both development and commercial areas. We currently distribute and develop the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV). We perform development activities on almost the entire Microsoft palette, especially in the areas of Windows Server – Exchange Server – Outlook – ERP – CRM – WEB.

In our operations, we have achieved significant success with the distribution of our own developed products. We have sold tens of thousands of units of our Eccount and the subsequently released Eccount Classic products in domestic and international markets (Austria, Germany, Denmark, England, USA, Australia, …).

After the emergence of electronic invoicing, we were among the first to develop our e-invoice module in collaboration with Netlock Ltd.
For 10 years, we have been training partners of the Budapest Corvinus University, we cooperated in the development of education at the University of West Hungary, regularly participated in the writing and evaluation of thesis papers, and in final exam committees.
Since its inception, we have regularly participated in international professional conferences in Europe and the USA. Currently, the focus of Ecobit’s operations has shifted to the domestic and international market introduction of its products and services resulting from its own R&D developments. In January 2014, Ecobit launched its cloud-based intelligent IT solutions and services project. The project aims to develop products and services that are integrally connected to the already established cloud-based systems. We presented the project at the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover in 2016.

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