Our cybersecurity product lines

Preventive security

Cybersecurity starts here. These core security products are designed to enforce security policies across networks, endpoints and clouds, while stopping known threats based on continuously updated threat intelligence. Prevention is an essential filter against most of the threats.

  • Firewall and web security
  • Email security and spear-phishing protection
  • Endpoint security, anti-malware and intrusion prevention
  • Vulnerability scanning and patch management
  • Office 365, Microsoft 365, SalesForce and SaaS security solutions

Detection & response

Advanced security against advanced threats. Sophisticated cyber criminals, state-sponsored advanced persistent threats (APTs) easily bypass preventive security. Detection and response is designed to stop them in time, before they cause real damage.

  • Artificial intelligence to catch attackers by behavior
  • No more false positive alerts to increase SecOps efficiency
  • Security Operating Center (SOC) and reaction automation
  • Offensive security with automated penetration testing, red teaming
  • Deception technologies to provide last-line defenses

Cyber hygiene

Secure business processes are another cornerstone of cybersecurity. Whether managing corporate passwords, recording privileged sessions, or providing secure remote access to third parties, good cyber hygiene is achieved by a range of specialized cybersecurity products.

  • Privileged access and account management
  • Managing corporate secrets, passwords and identities
  • Passwordless multi-factor authentication
  • Data security, classification and data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Data leakage and data loss protection
  • Encrypted, secure phone calls, chat and email communication

Industrial / OT security

Protecting critical cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure, our solutions bring real security to the otherwise unprotected operational networks. From secure network segmentation to industrial firewalls, we provide a wide range of industrial security solutions.

  • Passive security to detect and deceive active hackers
  • Active attack blocking with self-learning firewalls
  • Optical separation to securely interconnect IT and OT
  • Sanitation kiosks for USB drives
  • Secure, hacker-proof remote access to OT networks
  • Antimalware scanning with 30+ engines

Introducing email security 2.0

Artificial intelligence is changing the world of cybercrime. Traditional email security stand helpless against criminals equipped with ChatGPT-like AI and the virtually perfect scams generated by it.

Old email security rely only on technical, protocol-level details to catch email threats, while this new generation of scams can only be identified by understanding the real intent. Cybercriminals can easily steal company accounts with just a very few targeted emails, without the need of mass spamming, that could trigger defenses.

Business email compromise and account takeover are the primary risks for unprotected enterprises relying only on older security, making email the most likely entry point of advanced attacks, like ransom demands, corporate espionage or sabotage.

What is this new email security?

With a complete shift of email filtering focus, the new generation of Integrated Cloud and Email Security (ICES) extend protocol-level filtering with the power of machine learning on big data. By analyzing email content, dialects, typos, communication patterns, contact chains and combining that with global security community knowledge, these new threats can be reliably stopped.

To make this all possible, the automation by artificial intelligence is essential, as no human team can process confidential business emails in this required level of detail. This is why we are bringing the IronScales integrated cloud and email security to our markets as our email security 2.0.

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